Options to become a member of IFAPA

Membership is for the forthcoming Symposium period for non attendees of the 2017 ISAPA. Membership is for the period between 12th June 2017 until 13th June 2019.

Delegates for the 2019 ISAPA will already have their membership paid for the period of 2019-2021.  

Membership no longer gives direct access to the official publication Adapted Physical Activity Quarterly. Members who wish to receive access or hard copies, should contact the publishers, Human Kinetics directly. 

Members will still get access to the IFAPA newsletter, sent electronically. 

Type of Membership


Costs US$30
Duration Fixed Biennial (Until beginning of 2019 ISAPA)
Instructions Complete the online form (see video below)

Visiting the Payment page to pay through PayPal

Links Application Form (google forms)

Follow the video tutorial for joining IFAPA below