Horvat, M., Kelly, L.E., Block, M.E., & Croce, R. (2018)
Developmental and Adapted Physical Activity Assessment, Second Edition,

ISBN 9781492543800

$67.00 U.S. website: http://www.humankinetics.com/products/all-products/Developmental-and-Adapted-Physical-Activity-Assessment-2E-WWR

The revised edition of Developmental and Adapted Physical Activity Assessment is a complete guide to understanding and navigating the entire assessment process. The text walks readers systematically through the assessment cycle from beginning to end, helps assess the whole student—including social, affective, physical, and cognitive domains—to spur development to its fullest potential, compares and contrasts existing assessment tools, offers in-depth case studies in each chapter to enhance understanding of real-world challenges, and includes appendixes with sample write-ups of different assessments.

New to This Edition

The authors have updated all the chapters to reflect the latest research, regulations, and standards—all information in the text adheres to the new National Standards for K-12 Physical Education. In addition, Developmental and Adapted Physical Activity Assessment offers the following:
• A new chapter on assessing sensory function and cognition
• New information about concussions and how to assess them
• A new web resource featuring digital versions of the assessment forms in the book and links to assessment tools
• A new glossary to help with the understanding and study of terms

Guide to Multiple Assessments

This text will guide readers in assessing for
• Motor development and motor skill performance,
• Physical fitness,
• Sensory function and cognition,
• Posture and gait,
• Behavior and social competencies

Developmental and Adapted Physical Activity Assessment will help readers apply assessment process principles and know what tests to use and how to administer the tests, and how to interpret the results.