European Journal of Adapted Physical Activity

Official Journal of the European Federation of Adapted Physical Activity; EUJAPA

The first issue of the official journal of EUFAPA – EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF ADAPTED PHYSICAL ACTIVITY (EUJAPA) was first published in 2008. It all started as a EUROPEAN BULLETIN OF ADAPTED PHYSICAL ACTIVITY 2002. It is an electronic journal, open for all, producing two issues per year. You have access to it through the website of EUFAPA (

I would to take this opportunity to thank the founding EUJAPA editors prof. Yves Vanlandewijck from Leuven, Belgium and prof. Martin Kudlacek from Olomouc, Czech Republic for starting the NEW ERA of sharing scholarly work in the area of APA in the European context under the leadership of EUFAPA. Martin Kudlacek has worked very diligently over the last ten years as an Editor-in-Chief for the journal.

Year of 2018 has brought several new things for the journal: New editor-in-Chief is prof. Pauli Rintala from the University of Jyväskylä, Finland, and Assistant Editor is Dr. Kwok Ng. As Section Editors will continue professors Aija Klavina from Latvia, Bartosz Molik from Poland, and Pedro Ferreira from Portugal. The Editorial Board is under re-forming at the moment. Moreover the new platform ACTAVIA has be adopted for EUJAPA along with a ready-made template in order to fasten the publishing process. Also the whole outlook of the journal is different from the previous issues.

During this transition phase these changes have created extra work and technical difficulties which has delayed the publishing of the first issue of 2018. However, we believe that these changes will be for the benefit of our authors as well as readers in the long run. We do hope that many of you will consider EUJAPA as one of your choice to submit the original scientific work. Especially, the journal can be a springboard of publishing for young scholars of APA. You can find all relevant information and submission guidelines from the EUFAPA website ( in the section European Journal of APA.

Pauli Rintala