2022 Minnesota DAPE Leadership Committee DAPE In Your Backyard – Virtual Workshop

The MN DAPE Leadership Committee along with Region 6/8 DAPE Representative Barb Eilers invite you to participate in the 2022 Virtual DAPE In Your Backyard Workshop, this workshop will be held as a Zoom Event on Saturday, February 12 from 9 a.m. to 12:30 p.m (CST). There in no fee for this workshop and you will be sent a link for clock hours.  The Zoom links for the 6 sessions will be sent in an email the week prior to the February 12th, 2022 workshop.

Session Information:

1. Due Process Question and Answer – Rich Burke

2. Elementary Unified PE – Nick Cedergren and Justin Lund

3. Creating a DAPE Virtual Event – Region 11 Sports Extravaganza – Kelley Anderson

4. Pear Decks in PE/Unified PE – Mike Doyle

5. Standards-Based IEP Examples  – Rich Burke and Dr. Sue Tarr

6. Wrap Up and Questions – MN DAPE Leadership Committee

7. Region 6/8 mtg. – Barb Eilers

More information can be found from http://www.mndape.org/dape-in-your-backyard.html