Disability and Motor Behavior: A Handbook of Research edited by Ali S. Brian and Pamela S. Beach provides the first focused review of research and scholarship pertaining to individuals with disabilities across motor behavior-related disciplines (e.g., motor learning, motor control, motor development). The book consists of 15 chapters that highlight current research trends, future research directions, and practical implications spanning different types of disability. The book takes a holistic view of motor behavior among persons with disabilities from an empirical perspective. This book is written at a level appropriate for graduate students and researchers and will be the first book to provide in-depth discussions about research and scholarship across motor behavior.


Chapter 1: Motor Behavior and Visual Impairment – Adam Pennell and Alexandra Stribing

Chapter 2: Motor Behavior and Children who are Hard of Hearing, Deaf, or Deafblind – Pamela Beach, Melanie Perreault, and Lauren Lieberman

Chapter 3: Motor Behavior and Sensory Processing Disorders – Candice Howard-Smith

Chapter 4: Motor Behavior and Autism Spectrum Disorder – Megan MacDonald and Ming-Chih Sung

Chapter 5: ASD FMS Interventions – Meghann Lloyd

Chapter 6: Motor Behavior and Emotional and Behavioral Disorders – Iva Obrusnikova and Albert R. Cavalier

Chapter 7: Motor Behavior and Specific Language Impairment – Matthias O. Wagner

Chapter 8: Motor Behavior and Cerebral Palsy – Melissa Pangelinan and Claire Bridges

Chapter 9: Motor Behavior and Neurodegenerative Disorders Associated with Aging – Nadja Schott

Chapter 10: Motor Behavior and Intellectual Disabilities – Alyssa LaForme Fiss and Julia Looper

Chapter 11: Developmental Delay, Developmental Coordination Disorder, and Motor Behavior – Daphne Golden and Nancy Getchell

Chapter 12: Motor Behavior and Traumatic Brain Injury – James Wilkes, Alexa Walter, and Semyon Slobounov

Chapter 13: Motor Behavior and Rehabilitation after Spinal Cord Injury – Collin D. Bowersock and Jessica Lynn McDonnell

Chapter 14: Motor Behavior and Profound Intellectual and Multiple Disabilities – Bethany Sloane, Heather A. Feldner, Lisa Kenyon, and Samuel W. Logan

Chapter 15: Motor Behavior and Health Impairments in Children – Emily Gilbert

More information: https://rowman.com/ISBN/9781538168950/Disability-and-Motor-Behavior-A-Handbook-of-Research