“Pedagogía do Paradesporto” is a book written by professionals passionate about Para-sport, who have captured in these pages their knowledge and experiences in the Pedagogy of Adapted Sport. The editor of this book is Prof. Dr. Ciro Winckler, who was the former national representative of Brazil. Also among the authors are prominent academics and leaders in the field of adapted sports, such as the current executive director of FeSAFA, Prof. Dr. Luiz Gustavo Teixeira, and the current president of FeSAFA, Prof. Dr. Luis Felipe Castelli Correia de Campos.

In this book, you will find concepts and structures that will favor the development of sports for people with disabilities. In addition, it provides a broader view of the importance of Para-sport as a means to foster social inclusion and promote equal opportunities.

It is a book of free access and download at the following link (in Portuguese):