PhD Opportunity: Examining the Effects of Psychological Stress on Transitions, Recovery, Performance and Wellbeing in Elite UK Para Footballers

UK Elite para footballers are expected to effectively deal with transitions, classification, training and recovery demands, and performance stress. Along with maintaining optimal performance levels, footballers are also challenged to maintain wellbeing in spite of balancing ‘normal lives’ and training and performance demands.

One approach with which to explore individuals responses to stress and the impact on performance and wellbeing is to develop a prospective cohort where analysis of physiological responses under stress is measured alongside a dense phenotyping of other behavioural factors that could be a) determinants of reactivity to stress in this population group (e.g., other chronic stressors, sleep, fitness, exercise and activity) and b) potential targets for future intervention.

Working in collaboration with The Football Association, the specific aims of our programme of research are: (1) to identify the psychophysiological effects of stress on (a) transitions (b) classification (c) recovery (d) performance, and (e) psychological wellbeing over-time in UK elite para-footballers; (2) to determine effective interventions to maximise positive stress responses, transitions, recovery, performance, and psychological wellbeing.

Placed On: 9th May 2022
Closes: 13th June 2022
Start date: October 2022

Primary supervisor: Dr Jamie Barker

Secondary supervisor: Professor Vicky TolfreyDr Nic PaineDr Carolyn Plateau, and Dr David Sims (FA).