The 2018 Alberta Inclusive Sport and Recreation Summit (ISR Summit) was initiated by a group of current and former sport administrators, academics, athletes, and policy-makers from across the province who feel that greater knowledge sharing and collective problem solving may help us to create a more inclusive, sustainable, and successful sport system. Further changes in funding structures are sparking the need for more innovative approaches. The structure and topics of this summit were determined by a set of surveys sent out to over one hundred Alberta sport and recreation organizations. Topics include: Inclusive Sport Coaching and Future Leaders; Inclusive Sport Collaborations with Mainstream Sport; Removing Barriers Faced by Indigenous and LQBTQ2S Participants; Access and Awareness; Innovative Parasport Systems Across Canada; Rural Parasport Development; Event Co-Hosting; and Inclusive Sport Event Legacies.
Day 1 — Friday, June 1– Will include a whole series of public talks and panels on the issues that the Inclusive Sport and Recreation community voted most important.

Day 2 — Saturday, June 2 — Collaborative, change-oriented workshops aimed at tackling major issues and opportunities identified by the community.

See our website, @isrsummit, andfacebook page for more info.