Prof. Dr. Omar Hindawi

I am a professor and former Dean at the Hashemite University in Jordan in the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport Science.

Omar Hindawi

My major is in Health and Human Performance specialized in Adapted Physical Activity.  I am the innovator of the Global Application of Adapted Exercises for Persons with Disabilities in six international languages. I am also a Past President of the West Asia Wheelchair basketball zone and Vice president of Asian Wheelchair Basketball Federation along with being Jordan’s national team head coach. I have served as the coordinator of Technical Committee for his Highness Sheikh Mohammad Bin Rashed Creative Sports Award. I have worked as a specialist of sports establishments in Dubai Sports Council and a consultant at Dubai Sports for the disabled. Also, to stress on the fact that in Jordan I participated in building the National Jordanian Strategy Affairs for Persons with Disability. I am the author of “Creativity in Selection of Physical and Sport Activities for Persons with Disability” book to be the first of its kind in comprehensive specialization of this field. In addition to my tens personal registered scientific research in the field of Health and APA.


Based on my extensive collaboration with colleagues from the APA field across different Middle East countries, I believe that we are on a good track although we need to increase our focus on people with disability in the sport settings here in the region. Our potential of young researchers is promising; however, they need more practical training and research exchange with the field experts. My first duty, therefore, will focus on connecting all interested people in Adapted Physical Activity and bringing APA practitioners from all region countries to the IFAPA family. Also, it would be a great opportunity for us to learn from successful experiences of all over the world countries how to overcome challenges and develop inclusion. Together we grow up!

Our website and social media sites will begin in the following few months. However, please feel free to contact me any time.