Mey van Munster
My name is Mey van Munster. I’m from Brazil and I am honored to be nominated as the IFAPA Regional Representative for South America.

About me: Currently I am an Associate Professor in the Department of Physical Education and Human Motricity - DEFMH of the Federal University of São Carlos - UFSCar, where I coordinate the Center for Studies in Adapted Physical Activity - NEAFA and service projects related to this topic. I also teach and advise at the master’s and doctorate levels at the Special Education Graduate Program at UFSCar. I’ve been working with Adapted Physical Education and Sports in Brazil for the past 30 years. I am a member of the Brazilian Association of Adapted Motor Activity - SOBAMA since 1995, and joined IFAPA in 2011.
If you’d like more information please don’t hesitate to contact me.
Mey van Munster – munster.mey@gmail.com

We are happy to inform that the South American Federation of Adapted Physical Activity – SAFAPA is officially constituted, acknowledged by IFAPA and legitimated on the General Assembly that was virtually held on November 7, 2020, during the “I International Symposium of Adapted Physical Activity” organized by University of San Sebastian – Chile.
Our website is currently under construction. Meanwhile you can reach us through the email fesafa.safapa@gmail.com or follow us on Instagram FESAFA/SAFAPA.

SAFAPA Board of Directors
President: Dr. Cristian Luarte Rocha – University of San Sebastian – Chile
Vice President: Dr. Mey van Munster – Federal University of Sao Carlos – Brazil
Executive Director: Dr. Luis Felipe Castelli – University of Bío-Bío – Chile
Secretary: M.Sc. Tatiane Jacusiel Mirand – Brazil
Secretary Assistant: Prof. Nut. Mónica Fernández – Adventist University of Chile – Chile
Treasurer: Prof. Kevin Campos Campos – University of San Sebastan – Chile
SAPAPA Consultative Council
Dr. Edison Duarte – State University of Campinas – Brazil
Dr. Teresa Leitao – School of Physical Education / Special Olympics – Brazil
Prof. Luisa Villar – National Paralympic Association of Peru – Peru
National Representatives
Argentina: Dr. Silvia Freire
Brazil: Dr. Ciro Winckler
Chile: M.Sc. Yazmina Pleticosic
Colombia: M.Sc. Navis Sepúlveda
Peru: M.Sc. Renzo Martin
Venezuela: M.Sc. José Prado Pérez
Student Representatives
Mariane Ferreira, Brazil
Elke Lima, Brazil
Carlos Zurita, Chile

See the website below – https://fesafa.net/