The 2013 ISAPA took place in Istanbul, Turkey

19 – 23 July 2013 Istanbul Turkey

The theme of the Congress was “Bridging the Gaps” with practice and knowledge, people with and without disabilities, academics in different disciplines, academics and staff working in practice all around the world.

The choice of the keynotes and invited speakers who come from all continents illustrates the diversity of approaches, topics and disciplines of APA. Theoretical approaches, practical sessions, workshops, social activities will punctuate the week. Dilara Ozer and the Organization Committee have already worked hard to make ISAPA 2013 a success!

“Bridging the Gaps” has a special significance linked to the location of the event. İstanbul is the only city bridging the West and the East, bridging cultures. All participants will have the chance to visit wonderful historical sites and monuments, taste the excellent Turkish cuisine and even learn Turkish dance! All participants should come with their relatives, friends and stay after ISAPA to visit Turkey, one of the touristic gem of the world