I am thrilled to welcome you in June to Israel for the ISAPA 2015 Congress.

This is the 20th International Congress of the International Federation of Adapted Physical Activity (IFAPA).
This congress is organized by the Wingate Academic College, which has more than 40 years of experience in developing adapted teaching and educational physical activity programs . For the purpose of the ISAPA event, collaborations with several institutions are taking place.

Of noteworthy mention are the following:
1 . The Israel National Insurance Institute (NIOI) will demonstrate eight special programs advancing physical activity for lifestyle and health enhancement in populations with disability . In addition, the chief medical officer of the NIOI has organized a unique minisymposium exploring the relationships of medical and exercise practices among athletes with disabilities .
2 . The Israel National Paralympic Committee has extended an invitation to the chief medical officer of the International Paralympic Committee as well as additional experts who will contribute to knowledge and skills of young athlete recruitment and development .
3 . Special Olympics Israel and Euro-Asia will demonstrate practices and programs ensuring athletes’ lifelong adherence as well as unified sport practices for facilitating social inclusion in an exercising society .

So far approximately 150 abstracts have been accepted . The complete scientific program is available until the end of April . We are currently building the program, which includes high-level invited keynote lectures delivered by the most renowned authorities in their particular knowledge domain, together with short oral presentations, poster presentations, workshops, and minisymposia . On the three days after the congress (June 16-18) an international course referring to inclusion practices in physical education will be conducted . The course will be moderated by martin Block and lauren lieberman and will provide new knowledge bases and practices .

Registration is available on the website. A unique and diverse social program is also planned, including cultural and experiential activities in some of Israel’s major tourist attractions such as Tel Aviv, Herzliya, and the marine center of Michmoret .

We look forward to hosting all congress participants and providing a rich and diverse program for the benefit of all.

By Yeshayahu “Shayke” Hutzler, Chairman of the Scientific Committee