The Calgary Adapted Hub-Team announced an upcoming seminar series dedicated to and renamed in memory of Eli Wolff. Amongst his many roles, Eli was a member of the Calgary Adapted Hub’s Community Advisory Committee, contributing his experience, knowledge, and voice to guide the Calgary Adapted Hub.

On September 19th at 12PM MT, three close colleagues of Eli’s, Amy Farkas, Mary Hums, and Ted Fay, are invited to present and speak about their collaboration with Eli Wolff and to honour the work he and his colleagues have done.

More information and registration for the September seminar can be found:

On Tuesday September 19th at noon there are two options for how to attend the session:

  • Via Zoom: (link to be sent with registration or a calendar invite upon request)
  • In-Person: (At the University of Calgary, details to accompany registration)