A new book titled “Inclusion and Disability: Areas of Action” (in Spanish) that aims to provide a picture of different themes related to people with disabilities and social inclusion has been produced by an international collaboration of more than 20 authors from Chile, Spain, and Colombia. This book was led by Felipe Herrera (Chile) and edited by the Viña del Mar University.

The different chapters explored themes such as inclusive education, diversity, social labor inclusion, adapted physical activity in the rehabilitation context, sexuality, universal accessibility, and aging in people with disabilities.

A full section of national and international experiences is included in the book highlighting the presence of good practices in different para-sport linked to universities in Chile, and inclusive sports opportunities offered for students at the Miguel Hernandez University (Spain).

In order to reach as many people as possible, the book is online open access available at the following link:


Picture describing the release of a new book in latin america titled inclusion and disability areas of action (in spanish)