Online learning has become an increasingly popular mode of learning over the last two decades. With the rise of online learning, it is important to examine and understand specific components of online learning, such as educational podcasts. Educational podcasts are podcasts that are developed specifically for learning purposes and are frequently developed and used by teachers and faculty members. Research suggests that educational podcasts are a beneficial tool to use to supplement the learning process. However, we are mostly unaware of the motivations that drive educators to listen to educational podcasts. Thus, a team of researchers from the University of Northern Iowa are conducting a study to identify the motivational factors for listening to educational podcasts for learning and professional purposes.

This study consists of completing a short 20-minute survey [].

To participate in the study, you must be in the field of education (e.g., pre-service teacher, higher education professor, education administrator, practicing teacher, related service provider) and have listened to an educational podcast.

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