6 A Tribute to Dr. David A. Auxter

8 Practical Pointer: Sensory Strategies Outside of School

10 Adaptive Sports USA 2018 Junior Nationals

Feature Articles

15 Design Thinking as a Strategic Planning Tool for Adapted Physical Activity Programs within a University Setting

by Larken Rebecca Marra, Kathleen Stanton-Nichols, Youngbok Hong, Kim Gottschild, Iman Pirzadeh, and Stephany Stamatis

22 Drums Alive®: A Research-Based, Multi-Disciplinary Drumming Fitness Approach to Brain and Body Health and Wellness

by Carrie Ekins and Dean P. Owens

29 CHAMPPS: Filling the Preschool Curriculum Gap

by Katherine Aronson-Ensign, Paddy C. Favazza, Melissa V. Stalega, Michaelene M. Ostrosky, Hsiu-wen Yang, Yusuf Akamoglu, and W. Catherine Cheung

37 The Power of Adapted Sports, Changing Attitudes in Higher Education: An Exploratory Study

by MaryJo Archambault and Yan Dominic Searcy

41 Using the Climbing Wall to Promote Full Access through Universal Design

by Michelle Grenier, Nate Fitch, and Jesse Colin Young

47 Using the ICF Model to Increase Physical Activity of Young Adults with ASD Residing in Group Homes

by Jason Bishop, Chad Nichols, Brandon McIntire, and

Martin E. Block

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