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A caucasian woman is suspended underwater, her right leg ends above the knee, she is wearing a swimsuit and has outstretched arms. White text reads on top of the image Rising Phoenix. Logo for Netflix.


Rising Phoenix tells the extraordinary story of the Paralympic Games. From the rubble of World War II to the third biggest sporting event on the planet, the Paralympics sparked a global movement which continues to change the way the world thinks about disability, diversity and human potential. Athletes featured in the film include Bebe Vio (Italy), Ellie Cole (Australia), Jean-Baptiste Alaize (France), Matt Stutzman (USA), Jonnie Peacock (UK), Cui Zhe (China), Ryley Batt (Australia), Ntando Mahlangu (South Africa) and Tatyana McFadden (USA)The documentary is now streaming on Netflix.

Image from above of a Black male athlete, Ntando Mahlangu, running on two prosthetic legs. The background is blurred and a dark orange and his shadow is cast behind him as he runs. White text reads on top of the image Rising Phoenix. Logo for Netflix.


Following the amazing global response to the film, Netflix have created an educational guide that accompanies the film. This has been produced with the help of specialist education partners. It’s designed to help teachers explore the history of the Paralympic movement, perceptions of disability, and how they have changed over time with their students. The resource is free to download in 5 different languages.


Teachers have the power to encourage children and young adults to think more positively and more inclusively. They can change the way the next generation thinks about disability. Using the powerful stories of the athletes in Rising Phoenix, teachers can have these important conversations aided with the easy to use educational guide.

A view looking up at athlete Jean Baptiste Alaize, a Black male jumping high in the air with a blade prosthesis and his hands in the air. He is wearing black and white shorts and is not wearing a shirt. In the background, a bright blue sky. White text reads on top of the image Rising Phoenix. Logo for Netflix.


If you want to share the educational guide in other languages, please use these links: (French) (Spanish) (Italian) (Brazilian Portuguese)

An image taken from above of athlete Tatyana McFadden, a caucasian woman with brown hair, pulled back in a ponytail, seated in a racing wheelchair. The background is a blurred gray road, her shadow falls on the ground to the right of her in the action shot. White text reads on top of the image Rising Phoenix. Logo for Netflix.