IFAPA’s new Practical Tips Facebook page now has nearly 500 followers representing 46 countries. Not only do followers receive regular tips for adapting physical activity, but they are also updated on the latest developments at IFAPA. In addition, the page serves as a help line in which practitioners regularly message me through the page with questions pertaining to how to adapt activities for specific individuals.
In addition, I recently launched project #AdapTip, which involves practitioners from around the world sharing their tips for adapting physical activity through the IFAPA Facebook page. It was a great success. Tips can still be contributed through the Facebook page or by e-mailing me at sean-og3@hotmail.com. In the meantime, tips are being compiled and, through a collaboration with Pete and Ken from the inclusion club, a free book of tips will be produced and shared with as many APA practitioners as possible (currently an e-book is planned, but a hard-copy version may be published soon). This not only will provide valuable tips leading to better APA practices but will also increase individuals’ awareness of IFAPA. Visit the Facebook page at www.facebook.com/IFAPA.tips and share it with your colleagues and friends!
Sean Healy, IFAPA student representative