The Move United Education Conference invites sport professionals, sport providers and athletes to come together for informative education & awareness sessions and hands-on skills-based learning workshops. The 2023 Move United Education Conference provides the tools, training, and conversations to make disability inclusion in sport a reality. This conference will incite action and challenge attendees to make an impact around inclusion, access & belonging.

Historically, attendees have represented a variety of affiliations including Move United member organizations, general sport organizations, city parks & recreation departments, National Governing Bodies, VA hospital staff, general hospital therapists, disability resource groups, and more.

This year’s theme, “Disability Inclusion in Sport: Transforming Intent to Action” invites sport providers, sport professionals, and athletes to come together over a mutual interest in elevating sport opportunities for athletes with disabilities. Discussion will center around affecting measurable change and creating longstanding impact in adaptive sports.

This event is planned to be held between May 15-17 of 2023 in Louisville, KY.

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