In an effort to increase awareness of NAFAPA initiatives and the work of our members, the Board developed a NAFAPA Twitter account and increased the publication rate of the NAFAPA Newsletter to three issues per year with the first newsletter being published in March 2019. The editor and distributor of the Newsletter and the Twitter account is a NAFAPA student representative Yumi Kim, MS.

Furthermore, the committee is in the process of revising the NAFAPA bylaws specifically its mission and vision statements. The Board voted favorably on a proposal for developing (a) a NAFAPA Student Ambassador Network at universities throughout North America and (b) a NAFAPA Leadership Award.

The purpose of the student ambassador program is “to empower students in APA from North American Universities to influence NAFAPA initiatives and the APA field at large”. The Board is currently seeking applications for the positions.

For the new NAFAPA Leadership Award, the Board emailed a request for nominations for naming the award to all NAFAPA members on February 13, 2019. Supported by four nomination letters written by distinguished NAFAPA scholars, the Board voted to name the Award “the Dale Ulrich Leadership Award.” Dr. Dale Ulrich was selected as “an exceptional individual who has made significant professional contributions to the field of Adapted Physical Activity and to NAFAPA over the course of his career.”

The first award recipient will be nominated for and presented at the 2020 NAFAPA Symposium, which will be held at Brock University on October 13-15, 2020.