Palaestra v. 35 n. 4

Palaestra Cover 35-4

Table of Contents

Pg. 6    Editor’s Corner–Challenge of Masks and Children with Disabilities in Schools by Martin E. Block

International Scene

Pg. 7    G. Lawrence Rarick Memorial Lecture, ISAPA Conference 2019 by David Legg

Feature Articles

Pg. 11  The Impact of a One-Time Community Engagement Event on College Students’ Attitudes Toward Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities by Jennifer L. VanSickle, Isabell Mills, Heidi Hancher-Rauch, Michael J. Diacin, and Mindy Hartman Mayol

Pg. 21  Creating an Inclusive CrossFit Environment for Children with Developmental Disabilities by Janette Hynes

Pg. 27  Basketball as a Complementary Treatment for Physical and Psychosocial Rehabilitation by Yedidiya Doari and Jerry Mittleman

Pg. 36  Delivering Clinic- and Home-Based Programs Concurrently for Children with Developmental Coordination Disorder: A Multiple Case Study by Motohide Miyahara, Michael Culling, and Clare Green

Pg. 41  Practical Ways to Develop Self-Determination Skills in Recreational Sports for Adolescents with Disabilities by Samantha K. Papp, Joann P. Judge, and Audra I. Classen

Pg. 47  Cri du Chat Syndrome and Fundamental Movement Skills by Emily M. Ford, Nicole J. Luymes, Paula C. Fletcher, and Pamela J. Bryden

Pg. 57  Bits and Pieces

Pg. 61  Resources

Pg. 63  Information for Authors