ParaCoach is an Erasmus Plus funded project aimed at enhancing the learning, mobility and employment of para coaches across the EU, through the development of a Para-Disability European Sport Coaching Framework.

ParaCoach has just started the “The Voice of” series. They are simply asking for coaches or athletes to record a video of themselves answering and talking through some set questions we have:


  1. General introduction – what is your name, sport, current level
  2. A little bit of back ground – sporting experiences (throughout life)
  3. 3 – 5 highlights from your experiences with coaches (e.g. developed a great relationship)
  4. What have you learnt from your coach/es?
  5. Recommendations/advice for coaches (new and established) from the perspective of an athlete
  6. Advice  – what advice would you give to aspiring para athletes (new and established)


  1. General introduction – name, coaching position and how long you have held this position?
  2. A little bit of background – how did you get into coaching?
  3. Highlights – Can you provide 3 – 5 highlights of coaching (your sport/s) and what you have learnt from each of these highlights
  4. Considerations you have when coaching Para athletes
  5. Recommendations  – From your experience what recommendations/advice would you give to coaches (both new and established)

For more information, visit the project website –