Steadward Talks # 9: Looking Back and Looking Forward: Sport for development, education, human rights and the Paralympic Movement.

This Steadward Talks conversation will discuss the evolution of sport for development programs and initiatives within the Paralympic Movement and the connection and intersection with Paralympic education and also Paralympic human rights strategy and platforms. Amy Farkas KarageorgosJuan Pablo Salazar and Jennifer Wong will join as speakers. David Legg and Eli Wolff moderate the Steadward Talks along with honorary guest Robert Steadward.

Steadward Talks 9
Image of the Steadward Talks 9

Amy Farkas Karageorgos is an internationally recognized leader in human rights, sport and inclusive development. With over 20 years of experience, Amy has worked with a variety of inter-governmental and non-governmental organizations, including the United Nations Development Coordination Office (UNDCO), UNICEF, International Disability Alliance, Centre for Sport and Human Rights, Global Action on Disability Network (GLAD), Global Partnership on Children with Disabilities, International Paralympic Committee, Special Olympics, ATscale The Global Partnership on Assistive Technology, Motivation UK, Women’s Refugee Care, and the US National Center on Health, Physical Activity and Disability. Amy has led dozens of trainings, authored numerous publications, and has degrees in Kinesiology and Disability Studies.

Juan Pablo Salazar is an expert in the global movement for the rights of persons with disabilities, with emphasis on communications and sports. He is originally from Bogotà, Colombia. Juan Pablo is the founder of the first wheelchair rugby club in Colombia. He has served as Chief of Mission of the Colombian Delegation in the Beijing Paralympic Games (2008) and London (2012) and from 2013-2015 he served as President of the Colombian Paralympic Committee. Juan Pablo has received the Henry Viscardi Achievement Award (2016), the Civic Leaders of the Americas Award of the Trust for the Americas Foundation (2014), and the Peace & Sport Award for the Sports Event for Peace of the Year: Rumble in Cartagena (2010).

Jennifer Wong has over 10 years of experience conceptualizing and managing global disability sport and education programs, and Jennie joined Loughborough University to manage the Global Disability Innovation Hub’s project – Overcoming Stigma though Paralympic Sport. Prior to joining the University, Jennie led the education team at the International Paralympic Committee for the past 6 years where she built the foundation for I’mPOSSIBLE – the Paralympic Movement’s school based education program. Previous experience also includes project management in the area of sport and physical education policy for UNESCO’s fifth World Sports Ministers conference in 2013, and field work in sport for development sector in Canada and the Caribbean.

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