London Metropolitan Archives is proud to present its annual Disability History Conference on 22 November 2019 entitled All Work and NPlay It will focus on the themes of leisure, pleasure and purpose, inviting discussion and opening ideas on their history and the historical contingency of today.  


Topics may include but are not limited to:


  • Sporting, artistic and cultural pursuits
  • Venues and spaces 
  • Play and playfulness 
  • The amateur 
  • Efficiency, usefulness and utility 
  • Consumption, productivity and status 
  • Idleness 

If you would like to offer a talk, a workshop, run a stall, show a film or do anything else that explores these ideas then please get in touch. We’re very keen to present a day which is celebratory but also challenging and open to debate.  Please feel free to be as original, informal and even controversial as you please with ideas. 

Please send your idea to by 11 October  2019

Please include


Organisation if Applicable: 

Title of Idea: 

Type of Activity: 

Brief Description: [please keep to 200 words max] 

Where you saw this call for contributions:

The conference will take place at London Metropolitan Archives, 40, Northampton Road, London, EC1R 0HB