In September ENGSO Youth organizes a seminar to exchange their visions, ideas and best practices with 40 youth workers/ coaches and (PE) teachers  how to increase the sport participation of children with a disability, and thereby to increase the social integration of this group. In this seminar two main areas will be critically considerd:

  • To ensure participants understand the possibilities to adapt sessions and sports and make them more inclusive;
  • To hear examples, advice and good practice for the future of sport as an all inclusive entity,specific to young people with a disability to create a common tool/manual which could be used in the different context of Europe;

Practical details

  • Dates: 15th – 20th September 2016
  • Place: Sardinia – Sassari
  • Cost: travel, accommodation and meals are covered by the project.

About SEDY

The SEDY (Sport Empowers Disabled Youth) project aims to contribute to increase physical activity of children with a disability, especially through a better matching of the demand and the supply. We are convinced that the participation of children in sport activities contributes to the social, emotional en physical development of children

For more information; Unified Sport call for participants