Two Disability Sport PhD Opportunities available from September 2016

Two disability sport PhD opportunities are available from this September (details below). Funding is available on a competitive basis (see full adverts for details)

Invictus: The Unconquerable Human Spirit and the Impact of Competitive Sport – a Cross-National Comparison

This project will:
• Assess the role and importance of sport, and particularly competitive sport, in the recovery journey for wounded, injured and sick military personnel and the way they are perceived by the rest of society.
• Provide a comparative analysis of how wounded, injured and sick military personnel are viewed and treated in a variety of different nations.
• Improve our understanding of the wider social role of sport.
Further details can be found at:…/invictus-the-unconquerable-hum…/

Mediatising and Marketing the ‘Disabled’ Body: Making Para-Sport Mainstream – Problems and Possibilities

This project will investigate:

• The way the media and marketers have historically portrayed and currently portray Para-sport.
• The impact these portrayals might have upon the way disability is perceived within wider society (by both people with disabilities and the non-disabled population).
• The problems and possibilities faced by Para-sportsmen and women as a result of the ways they are portrayed.
Further details can be found at:…/mediatising-and-marketing-the-…/

Both PhDs will be supervised by Dr Ian Brittain as Director of Studies (…/resea…/researchers/ian-brittain/)