The Youth Sport Trust, a UK charity organization, is dedicated to enhancing the education and development of every young person through the power of sport and play. With a vision of a future where all children benefit from these life-changing activities, the Trust provides educators with tools while empowering young individuals.

At the forefront of their efforts is a partnership with the Department for Education, leading a consortium to broaden opportunities for young people with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) in Physical Education and school sports. This initiative, named the “Inclusive Sports Programme,” draws inspiration from global disability and Para Sport events like the Special Olympics World Games and the Paralympic Games.

Through this program, the Trust delivers a range of resources designed to facilitate inclusive sports and festivals, fostering connections between young people with and without SEND. By organizing themed festivals mirroring international events, participants are given the chance to engage in sports together, promoting acceptance and friendship.

These resources not only support immediate events but also serve as valuable tools for schools, enabling them to sustain and expand inclusive activities within their communities.