Robyn Madden is a Ph.D. Candidate in Kinesiology at the University of Calgary is recruiting participant for her study.

The study is on baseline sports nutrition knowledge levels in athletes with a spinal cord injury and coaches of athletes with a spinal cord injury. The study is being done in collaboration with Dr. Jane Shearer (University of Calgary), Dr. Jill Parnell (Mount Royal University), Dr. Ranita Manocha (Physiatrist, Foothills Hospital), and Dr. Joelle Flueck (Swiss Paraplegic Centre, Switzerland), and has been approved by the University of Calgary Conjoint Research Ethics Board (REB19-1127).

The end goal of this study is to advocate for educational seminars and programming to provide this athletic group and their associated support personnel with sound nutrition advice and information. As you know, there are presently no standardized sports nutrition guidelines and many athletes rely on able-bodied recommendations, which may not be appropriate. This heightens the risk of athletes improperly fueling their bodies prior to games and competitions.

Each participant will be mailed an MRU neck gaiter to thank them (~value $10.00). We are happy to mail internationally! I have attached a photo of my adorable pup modeling the buff! The survey takes about 30 minutes and is best done on a computer, although the phone works as well. The survey is now in 5 different languages with additional translations coming soon.


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