European Journal of Adapted Physical Activity Volume 12 Issue 1 has been published.

  • Kwok Ng, EUJAPA as an open access journal. DOI: 10.5507/euj.2019.007
  • Ona McGrath*, Susan Crawford, Dan O’Sullivan. ‘It’s a challenge’: Post Primary Physical Education Teachers’ experiences of and perspectives on inclusive practice with students with disabilities. DOI: 10.5507/euj.2018.011
  • José Marmeleira*, Luís Laranjo, Jorge Bravo, Diogo Menezes. Physical Activity Patterns in Adults who are Deaf. DOI: 10.5507/euj.2019.002
  • Jill Pawlowski, Joonkoo Yun. Adapted Physical Educators’ Beliefs and Intentions for Promoting Out of School Physical DOI: 10.5507/euj.2019.003
  • Viviene A. Temple*, Kendal F. Alston, Jaymie J. Elder, Lynneth Stuart-Hill. The effect of a pacer versus no-pacer on submaximal fitness test results among Special Olympics athletes. DOI: 10.5507/euj.2019.005
  • Debbie van Biesen*, Roi Charles Pineda. Balance and strength assessment of Special Olympics athletes: how feasible and reliable is the Fun Fitness test battery? DOI: 10.5507/euj.2019.004

EUJAPA is the official journal of the European Federation of Adapted Physical Activity and is an open access journal.