The Global Design Challenge for Sport and Physical activity is a worldwide search for ambitious, innovative ideas to get people physically active. The main motto of this initiative is that “every move counts”.

This initiative is led by University College Cork to generate innovative solutions to challenges faced in sports and physical activity and broader issues such as obesity. Moreover, the activity is backed by Sport Ireland, under UNESCO patronage, and supported by national, European, and international sports and physical activity-related organizations.

The Global Design Challenge consists of innovative ways to increase participation in sport and physical activity in an inclusive, sustainable and entertaining way.

The challenge is free to enter and there are incubation support prizes to turn the winning ideas into reality.

There are 8 sub-challenges that we are particularly interested in, we want innovative ideas of how to:

Increase opportunities for engagement in sport and physical activity ensuring that it is accessible to everyone of any ability, gender, age, race, or socio-economic background – INCLUSION.

Inspire community-level engagement in sport and physical activity for all ages – COMMUNITY.

Re-engage participants, volunteers, and fans with sport and physical activity – FANS AND VOLUNTEERS.

Use sport and physical activity as a means to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals and evaluate its impact – POLICY-FOCUSED.

Reimagine sport and physical activity (space and place; funding models) to make it more sustainable and resilient to shocks and change – SUSTAINABILITY.

Motivate children and youth to engage in sport and physical activity, which leads to life-long interest – YOUTH-BASED.

Harness technology to radically change the way sport and physical activity are imagined – TECHNOLOGY-BASED.

Integrate sport and physical activity into leisure and lifestyle activities e.g., cycling for transport, gardening for food security – LIFESTYLE PHYSICAL ACTIVITY.

You can send your proposal on an online platform, and there are € 15,000 in prizes.

Submission deadline: Oct 10 – 14, 2022

For more information visit: