@AysegulRosa writes about the IVP at ISAPA 2019.

ISAPA 2019 was held at University of Virginia, Charlottesville, The USA, between June, 14-18. Likewise, the IVP was conducted by nine volunteers under the leadership by the IFAPA Student Representative Chair Ayşegül Rosa AKSOY, from Middle East Technical University, Turkey.

Six years back from today, I remember conducting the IVP for ISAPA 2013 in Istanbul; and two years back from today, I remember about volunteering in South Korea for IVP, ISAPA 2017. These opportunities for students are real experiences to interact with the field experts, follow the new studies in APA, and a warm chance to make new friendships, and to look through the ISAPA window towards equality and human rights, to make a change and to create a better world for all. Exactly as stated in the theme of “Liberty and the pursuit of happiness” for ISAPA 2019 brings renewed focus to the continual challenges and struggles around the world of individuals with disabilities for fundamental liberties and rights. In particular, many individuals with disabilities are still excluded from the joy experienced when participating in physical education, recreation and sports activities in their communities with peers without disabilities.

As you know the IVP has been launched since ISAPA 2009 in Sweden, to give the chance to students to experience the symposium environment and to network with APA academics. In 2013, there were 25 volunteers from South Korea, Ireland, Taiwan, The USA, Canada, England, Spain and Turkey; in 2017, there were 50 student volunteers working at the symposium from different universities from South Korea; besides, there were 3 international volunteers made it to South Korea, 2 from Japan and 1 from Turkey. And this time for ISAPA 2019 there were 9 volunteers; Aaron Ibbitson (Canada), Milena Pedro de Morais (Brasil), Adam Pennell (The USA), Nermin Fenmen (Turkey), Nicole Kirk (The USA), Elvira Pascual Soares (Spain), Qu Lu (China), Katherine Holland (The USA), Steven Holland (The USA). The IVP team has lead the “morning activities” (fitness, orienteering, campus walking tour), moderating the sessions, and “Barbecue & Fun Games” for students of University of Virginia.

IVP at ISAPA2019

International Volunteer Programme at ISAPA 2019 (missing from photo – Adam Pennell and Nicole Kirk)

By that theme and of course by the inspirational support of Dr. Martin Block, the IVP reached its aim once again. Thanks to all volunteers for a fabulous collaboration.

Student Representatives of IFAPA

As after each ISAPA, the General Assembly of IFAPA Board was also held in Charlottesville, Virginia. However, for each two years period, a representative student is being elected for the board. At the general assembly in University of Virginia, two candidates were nominated; Alex Stribing (University of South Carolina, The USA) and Ayşegül Rosa Aksoy, (Middle East Technical University, Turkey). Both candidates were accepted as student representative.

IFAPA Student Reps. Alex Rosa 2019-2021

We, the people who are eager to study and/or work in APA field are increasing in the numbers every year.