The Calgary Adapted Hub powered by Jumpstart (CAH) webinars provide the latest information on inclusive and accessible sport and recreation programming.

In January 2023 episode, IFAPA Vice President and lead of the Global Matrix of Para Report Cards Dr Kwok Ng was asked to give a presentation at the Calgary Adapted Hub.

Dr Kwok Ng with quote, "The idea behind adapting benchmarks specific to children and adolescents with disabilities is to try to be as inclusive and encouraging as possible in terms of providing a beginning step of getting valuable data.
Calgary Adapted Hub Webinar

The learning outcomes of the webinar were

  1. Be aware of the similarities and differences between the Active Healthy Global Alliance Physical Activity Report Cards and the Para Report Cards
  2. Describe the indicators of the Para Report Cards
  3. Be aware of some issues related to collecting data on Physical Activity of children and adolescents with disabilities

In addition to the 30-minute presentation, Dr Kelly Arbour-Nicitopoulos give discussions about the way the Para Report Card was produced in Canada. Watch the webinar from YouTube