Lieberman-Brian Inclusion Rating Scale (LIRSPE)

LIRSPE is a tool that can be used to support educators when planning, instructing and assessing students, so that all students, including those with disabilities, can be active and contributing members in physical education (PE).  The tool addresses multiple components of the classroom environment such as support, equipment options, and classroom management protocols that will ensure students are accessing the curriculum and learning the content in accordance with the SHAPE America grade level outcomes. The LIRSPE can be used to help strengthen programs by identifying areas in need of improvement. The tool can be used in teacher education programs to help pre-service teachers learn about inclusive physical education environments or it can be used for practicing teachers to examine and/or evaluate the teaching environment. Most importantly, the tool will support teaching professionals in making lifetime physical activity a priority for all students.

Download the tools:

For more information on the tool or for support implementing inclusive practices please contact:

Lauren Lieberman, PhD

Michelle Grenier, PhD

Ali Brian, PhD, CAPE


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