The US National Consortium for physical education for individuals with disabilities (NCPEID) winter newsletter – The Advocate is published.

The newsletter features

  • Message from the President – Michelle Grenier
  • Information about the February NCPEID APE Collaborative – 3rd February 2022  (9am PST/12pm EST)
    • Rebecca Lytle
    • Danielle Musser
NCPEID APE Collaborative Feb 2022
NCPEID Collaborative Feb 2022
  • Research Corner complied by Deborah Shapiro
  • California Commission on Teacher Credentialing Subject Matter Competency in Physical Education
  • APENS update – Tim Davis
  • Special Section
    • Why Listen to Physical Education Podcasts – Scott McNamara
    • Proper terms for desired impact in APE – Brad Weiner
  • Student Corner
    • Key resources for supporting students with disabilities
  • Award Nominees
  • Nominations for Executive Committee
  • Summer conference

To read more about the content, visit the NCPEID website