6          Editor’s Corner

Practical Pointer

8          The Sports Camp Experience Continued During COVID Pandemic for Children with Visual Impairments

by Elizabeth A. Foster, Maria Lepore-Stevens, Devin Adams, and Monica Lepore

Feature Articles

11        Adapt(ed) PE Online: Strategies for Long-Term Resilience

            by Abby Fines, Christina Mehrtens, and MacKenzie Pigg

16        The Need for Preparing Highly Qualified Faculty in Adapted Physical Activity

            by Justin A. Haegele, Joonkoo Yun, and Jeff McCubbin

21        Health-Related Physical Fitness and Physical Activity of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder

            by Kiley J. Tyler, Cara Joyce, and Megan MacDonald

27        Gross Motor Assessment Results and Placement in Physical Education of Five Students with CHARGE Syndrome

            by Linda Hilgenbrinck, Lauren Cavanaugh, and Lauren J. Lieberman

37        The Effect of Corrective Exercise Program on Pelvic Tilt of Persons with Unilateral Transfemoral Amputation: A Case Series Study

            by Ivona Sobotková and Blanka Hošková

47        A System for Remote Supervision: An Innovative Guide to Supervising Student Teachers

            by Elizabeth A. Theriot, Justin J. Bueche, Wesley J. Wilson,
and Luke E. Kelly

53        A Shoulder Strength Program for Wheelchair Basketball Players

            by Jihyun Lee, Cathy McKay, and Nicole L. Gutierrez

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63        Information for Authors

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