6 Editor’s Corner

International News
7 Knowledge Exchange on Inclusive Education Between the Baltics and the United States Interdisciplinary Seminar in Riga (Latvia)
by Aija Klavina and Michelle Grenier

Feature Articles
10 Preparing Athletic Trainers to Provide Services for People with Disabilities
by Melissa Alexander and Frederick Gardin

16 Adapted Physical Education Grading
by Matthew D. Lucas

22 Effect of Video Modeling and Primary Reinforcers on the Push-Up Performance of Elementary-Aged Male Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder
by Pamela Trocki-Ables, Ron French, and Lisa Silliman-French

30 Secrets Behind the Gold Medals: Why Can China Take a Dominant Position in the Paralympic Games?
by Yongshun Wang, Anlu Yang, and Xiaolei Kang

38 Participation in and Barriers to Recreation Participation in CHARGE Syndrome
by Gretchen E. Imel, Timothy S. Hartshorne, Lillian J. Slavin, and Sandra K. Kanouse

44 Effects of a 6-week Progressive and Combined Training Program on Strength and Cardiovascular Endurance in Young Adults with Moderate Intellectual Global Delay
by Eryk Przysucha, Tyler McDougall, Carlos Zerpa, and Derek Kivi

50 Pulse Wave Velocity in Youth with and Without Visual Impairment
by Lauren Bates, Dr. Elizabeth Lenz, Dr. Lauren J. Lieberman, and Dr. Brooke Starkoff

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