The aims of this proposed PhD are to (1) explore the correlates of PA in older adults with SI and (2) co-produce with adults with SI an intervention to promote PA. The student will:

1. Explore how older adults with SI move within real world environments and explore the physical (e.g., gait), psychological (e.g., fear of falling), cognitive (e.g., cognitive function) and environmental (e.g., light) correlates of PA.

2. Conduct a systematic review of PA interventions/programmes in older adults with SI.

3. Use these results to inform the co-production of innovative intervention strategies for increasing PA in those with SI.

The project must start before 1 August 2018.

Deadline for applications for this project is 12 noon, 17th April 2018 (UK time).

Informal project specific enquiries can be made to: Dr Trish Gorely, 01463 279 811 –