Sport empowers disabled youth (SEDY) project is towards the end of its first year of a three year project funded from the Erasmus+ programme. This project aims to contribute to increasing physical activity of children with a disability, especially through a better matching of demand and supplyThe main goal of this project is to increase the sport participation of children with a disability and thereby to increase the social integration of this group.

The SEDY project runs from 2015 until 2017 with the expectation to obtain more knowledge of the fit between demand and supply considering sport for children with a disability and the best ways to support this group.

The research of this Erasmus+ funded project, is conducted in seven countries: the Netherlands, Great Britain, Finland, Italy, Lithuania and Portugal. The partners involved in the project are a mix of organizations and complement each other in both knowledge and field experience: four universities, two sport federations, one pan-European organization and two non-profit organizations.

The activities are:

  • Project and data management
  • Inventory in the countries involved in the project (Lithuania, Finland, United Kingdom, Portugal, France, Italy, the Netherlands): collection of the data and development of the SEDY tool, followed by a conference.
  • Exchange of best practices
  • Development of pilots and the monitoring of these pilots
  • Evaluation
  • Publication of the results

For more details of the project, visit their website