Adapted Physical Education Teacher
2020-2021 School Year
Category: Teacher / Professional
Employment Type: Full-time (200-day contract)
Building: Itinerant (multiple locations)
Location: Itinerant (multiple locations – Office 1434 Rolkin Ct.
Charlottesville, VA)


The Piedmont Regional Education Program (PREP) seeks to hire an Adapted Physical Education Teacher to provide instruction to students with disabilities.
Questions regarding this position may be directed to Dr. Michelle Boyd, PREP Executive Director, at
Salary Range: $49,950 – $77,687
Salary is commensurate with years of related experience; advanced degree supplements are available as determined by the PREP Joint Board of Control.

Primary Function:

To implement an physical education program with for students in grades K-12 students. will be responsible for instruction, planning, and evaluating students grades K-12.
Candidate will be responsible for developing and implementing Individual Education Plan (IEP) goals and objectives in order to provide direct, indirect, and consultation Physical Education and
Adapted P.E. services.

Students have a range of social, emotional, and/or physical disabilities.

Performance Responsibilities:

A. Professional Performance

  1. To comply with school and school board policies and regulations.
  2. To work cooperatively with the all staff.
  3. To relate positively to parents and to other community representatives.
  4. To demonstrate professional growth.
  5. To be prompt and accurate with required records and reports.
  6. To accept responsibilities outside the classroom as they relate to the school.
  7. To use instructional and planning, time effectively.
  8. To assume responsibility for care of materials, equipment and facilities.
  9. To assume responsibility for a neat, safe environment for students.
  10. Supervise Program Specialists assigned to class, including providing input on Program Specialist’s annual evaluation.

B. Instructional Performance

1. Instruction

  1. Communicate lesson objectives and its importance to students.
  2. Employ appropriate and varied teaching techniques and learning activities.
  3. Use out-of-class assignments, when appropriate, to support instructional objectives.
  4. Maintain an effective system of monitoring student progress and to inform appropriate persons.
  5. Align lesson plans and instruction with state standards.
  6. Implement multi-tiered systems of support to increase students’ academic achievement.
  7. Identify students’ needs through assessment/evaluation for the purpose of determining whether student can benefit from regular PE or Adapted PE

2. Classroom Management

  1. Develop and maintain a classroom schedule.
  2. Maintain discipline appropriate to learning situation.
  3. Engage students in the instructional process.
  4. Implement positive behavior interventions and supports.
  5. Implement multi-tiered systems of support to foster positive student behavior.

3. Interpersonal Relations

  1. Practice and promote positive interaction with and among students.
  2. Demonstrate enthusiasm for learning.
  3. Encourage self-direction and self-motivation in students.

4. Subject Matter

  1. Demonstrate knowledge of the subject matter.
  2. Demonstrate the ability to adjust presentation of subject content to students’ needs and interests.
  3. Ensure instruction is aligned to the state standards.

5. Planning/Materials

  1. Maintain an organized program of instruction based on effective long-range plans.
  2. Create and implement lesson plans aligned to the state standards with differentiation to meet the unique needs of each student.
  3. Utilize a variety of materials and resources that support instruction aligned to the state standards.


Performance will be evaluated on the ability and effectiveness in carrying out the above responsibilities via the Teacher Performance Evaluation System.

Required Qualifications:

  1. Possess or be eligible for a Virginia teaching license with an endorsement in Health and Physical Educ. PreK-12

Preferred Qualifications:

  1. Two years successful teaching experience students with disabilities in public school settings
  2. Master’s Degree in Special Education or in a related content area

Posting Schedule

This position will remain open until filled