Due to COVID-19 we could not host a face to face Camp Abilities this summer of 2020. Our hard work for our 25th anniversary had to be put on hold. Instead, the Camp Abilities staff, the grantees, The Research Foundation, and our campus have focused on how we can bring sports to the children with visual impairments now very isolated and marginalized in their homes. We will host 25 children with visual impairments or blindness from across NY state.

Camp Abilities in a bag-equipment bags for every child

Each bag has:

Duffle bag for equipment and souvenir of camp
Jingle balls that will be used for athletes to play goalball
Jump rope will be used to increase athlete heart rate during fitness exercises
20” Beach Ball
Soccer Balls with bells for athletes to stay active
Bell basketball
Yoga mats for Yoga activity during virtual camp
Theraband will be used for Track and Field and Fitness
Pins will be used to assist families in putting air in their balls for the sports
Track and Field Tether
A soccer trainer that will allow the child to kick, dribble and throw and the ball will bounce back to them
Beaded jump rope for aerobic activities
Shot put and Discuss will be used safely during the week of camp during track and field activities
Discus for each child
Guide wire with carabiners will be used to set up between two stationary objects so athletes can run independently

Our coaches, specialists, and administration are working hard to bring these children a week of sports consisting of yoga, track & field, soccer, goalball, & fitness. We will also help the children learn about self-advocacy and goal setting for their immediate and long-term futures. Also, children with visual impairments will be able to choose various activities to learn about everyday. These activities may include; make-up/hair styling, public speaking/advocacy skills, cooking, sports nutrition, trivia, music (song, wiring, singing, instruments), computer coding, etc. Lastly, athletes will be able to specialize in a sport of their choice each day so they can really fine tune the fundamentals of that specific sport. We will be Zooming in elite and Paralympic athletes throughout the week for inspirational talks and about how they have coped with the postponement of the 2020 Paralympics.

More information about the Camp Abilities programme

On the website, there is a link for Instructional Materials, with a ton of resources like books, videos, tip sheets assessments, power points, etc