Dear ASAPE Board Members,
Having discussed with several board members and agreed by Dr Pan, Chien-Yu, I am here to inform you that Dr Pan, Chien-Yu will work as Secretary General to assist the ASAPE organization. Thank Dr Pan ‘s support to take this role for the ASAPE society.  In order to facilitate the process in dealing with any issue that needs to make a quick decision, I will normally discuss and consult with the Regional Representative Dr Tomoyasu Yasui, Secretary General Dr Pan, Chien-Yu, and IFAPA Newsletter Editor Sit Cindy before making announcement. Again, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of their supports, and we will establish a better communication among board members.

As mentioned before, my two immediate tasks as the president of ASAPE will be to continue to develop the ASAPE organization in the Asian region after Dr Kim’s leadership, promote a better communication among the Asia countries, and establish a better communication with IFAPA organization. I have talked to several members and feel that we need to get more Asian countries involved in our ASAPE society. The next two things I would like to start are: 1. recruiting 5 representatives from five Asian countries, I would like to invite Board members to recommend at least one Professor or an APA specialist from each following countries (Singapore, Malaysia, Tailand, Philippine, and India).

Please send the recommended professor’s name and CV to Dr Pan, and we will forward these CVs for your review/comments;  2. Establishing 12th Organizing Committee of ASAPE symposium; I will discuss with Dr Pan, Dr Sit, and Dr Ha, we will let you know the specific day and time when decided. (We plan to announce the conference website by Aug 2011——– Please be prepared that I need your country’s APA website link by that time, and make sure you have one).

Last thing, I am planning to add an annual Board meeting in Summer 2011 to review ASAPE matters or exchange information among countries (rather than meet every two years). I am not sure how we are going to do it at this moment, (face-to-face? OR through internet?) The idea is that our board members from different Asian countries are a great knowledge source for other countries, I would like to organize our board members as a promoting group to visit whichever country would like to invite (for example, Japan, China, or Taiwan has a national conference in their own country, they can invite our board members to give presentation on a special topic, I am sure this is great opportunities to learn/share/help each other). I am exploring the opportunity, and will let you know when we decide .

Best wishes

Dr Shihui Chen, (CAPE, US)
HK Institute of Education