The Adapted Physical Education graduate program is an interdisciplinary program that aims to develop highly qualified adapted physical education teachers with a diverse skill set to allow graduates to effectively instruct, assess, and develop meaningful relationships with students with disabilities to provide them with a quality physical education experience. The coursework in this program promotes the practical applications of interdisciplinary collaboration between adapted physical educators, special educators, related service providers, and parents to improve service delivery and outcomes for students with disabilities. This program also includes numerous fieldwork opportunities for individuals with disabilities to improve their health, psychomotor skills, and well-being. This Master’s program is offered by the University of New Hampshire and led by  Dr. Scott McNamara.

The Master’s degree in adapted physical education offers numerous benefits, including promoting and empowering individuals with disabilities to participate in physical activities, and in turn, improve their physical fitness and overall well-being. Evidence-based practices rooted within research and directly related to outcomes that positively impact students with disabilities are integrated throughout the coursework and practicum experiences. Graduates of this program will be able to identify effective pedagogical strategies, distinguish valid and efficient inclusive teaching practices and strategies, use assessments make informed decisions based on data, and determine the extent to which an activity promotes student learning and achievement. The content and experiences offered in this program are based on the APE national standards. Upon completion of the program, graduates will also be able to sit for the national APE exam.


Applications must be completed by the following deadlines in order to be reviewed for admission:

  • Fall: April 1 (recommended US; final international); July 1 (final)
  • Spring: Dec. 1
  • Summer: N/A
  • Special: N/A

Application fee: $65

Campus: Durham

New England Regional: Case-by-Case

Accelerated Masters Eligible: No

Applications will be automatically included in a pool for the grant that will comprehensively cover tuition and more. To learn more about this grant opportunity and the program, please contact Dr. Scott McNamara at

The program is only for US citizens.

More information:,with%20students%20with%20disabilities%20to