The University of New Hampshire Adapted Physical Education (PE) graduate program is designed to cultivate highly skilled adapted PE teachers. The interdisciplinary curriculum equips graduates with a diverse skill set, enabling them to effectively instruct, assess, and build meaningful relationships with students with disabilities for a quality physical education experience.

The Master’s degree in Adapted PE provides numerous benefits, fostering the participation of individuals with disabilities in physical activities to enhance their physical fitness and overall well-being. The program integrates evidence-based practices rooted in research, directly impacting positive outcomes for students with disabilities. Graduates will master effective pedagogical strategies, distinguish valid inclusive teaching practices, utilize assessments for data-driven decision-making, and assess the impact of activities on student learning.

Aligned with national APE standards, the program officially begins in Spring 2024. Qualified graduate students have the opportunity to apply for a fully funded Master’s in Adapted Physical Education, covering tuition, conference expenses, and books.

Applications for the Spring 2024 semester are open now: