The IFAPA Board of Directors have been examining and revising our by-laws, and the board recently approved changes to the by-laws that will take effect at ISAPA 2017 in Korea. Here are some highlights to the changes:

  1. Have one instead of three vice presidents – Rationale for the change: We really did not have enough work for three vice presidents, plus we felt it made more sense to give more work back to the regional representatives
  2. Have one representative from each regional rather than two from each region – Rationale – our board of directors was getting quite large, and we felt that one representative for each region was adequate to formally serve on the board.
  3. Requiring IFAPA membership to present at ISAPA – Rationale – We believe that only members should be allowed to present at our symposiums. This is similar to other international organizations.
  4. Noting the two options for membership (with and without APAQ) – Rationale – some members prefer not to receive APAQ, so we made a new membership option with a reduced fee that does not include APAQ
  5. Remove some board member titles and move them to board liaisons – Rationale: Newsletter Chair, APAQ Editor, ISAPA Chair, Disability Liaison are all important liaison’s to the board, but we did not feel they needed to be voting members of the board.

The revised by-laws can be found on this page.