Before the conference, a peer review evaluation process was conducted by 14 scientific committee members, and 65 contributions were evaluated for area and investiga – tor awards:

  • EUFAPA Young Investigators Award: Javier Pinilla Arbex
  • Javier Álvaro-Ruiz and Raúl Reina for the Thematic Area Award Adapted Physi – cal Activity as a Tool for Inclusion: inclusion of a student with blindness in sport sciences and physical education degree
  • Pozeriene, J., Reklaitiene, D., Ostaseviiciene, V., Gaizauskiene, A., and Rastauskiene, G. for the Thematic Area Award Participation in Physical Educa – tion: children with learning disabilities, their parents’ and teachers’ attitude toward behavioral and emotional problems in integrated physical education
  • Almena, Veiga, S., Navarro, E., and Pérez-Tejero, J. for the Thematic Area Award Sport for Persons With Disabilities: From Organizational Integration to Elite Performance: evolution of the individual distances in Paralympic swimmers with visual disabilities
  • Gomes, E., Bastos, T., Probst, M., Costa, R., Ribeiro, J., Silva, G., and Corre – deira, R. for the Thematic Area Award Health and Rehabilitation to Promote Personal Autonomy and Social Participation: bone and body composition in outpatients with schizophrenia attending to a PA program

    By Raúl Reina, Chairman, EUCAPA 2014 Scientific Committee