From the International Federation of Adapted Physical Activity, we wish you a happy new year in 2019.

2018 has been a busy year for IFAPA, especially the IFAPA website usage and social media accounts have grown tremendously throughout 2018.

Here are some highlights, statistics and figures.

Number of Website Posts : 133 (2.6 posts per week)

Top 3 most clicked post (other than homepage) on the website:

  1. Inclusive Education International Conference, Nigeria 2018 –
    International Federation for Adapted Physical Activity
  2. 2019 ISAPA Charlottesville –
    International Federation for Adapted Physical Activity
  3. IFAPA Definition –
    International Federation for Adapted Physical Activity

Average visits to the website per month: 2037 (least: August 1732 visits, most: October 2717 visits)

Top 3 “people reach” through Facebook:

  1. Video – Short Film about Playground Inclusion wins international acclaim – 10,025 people reached
  2. Job Opportunities – Hong Kong APA Job Opportunities – 3,729 people reached
  3. APA around the world – Chilean Society of APA – 3,269 people reached

Top 3 “impressions” through Twitter @ifapanet

  1. ECSS submissions for the Special Olympics workshop – 3,479 impressions
  2. Sharing Research output – 2,343 impressions
  3. ISAPA 2021 announcement – 1441 impressions

We wish that your 2019 is a good one and we hope to see you at the 22nd International Symposium of Adapted Physical Activity (, Charlottesville, Virginia, USA, June 2019.