The International Federation of Adapted Physical Activity (IFAPA) is excited to share the news that Professor Dr. Cindy Sit, our current president, has been appointed as the inaugural Chair of the Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (JEDI) Committee and a new Board Member for the Active Healthy Kids Global Alliance (AHKGA). Dr. Cindy Sit’s dedication lies in promoting health equity and social inclusion across diverse populations through adapted physical activity and sports.

In her newly assumed role, Dr. Cindy Sit expresses her honor in leading the Active Healthy Kids Global Alliance JEDI Committee, emphasizing its mission to advance physical activity among equity-deserving groups, particularly children and adolescents with disabilities. She underscores the core principles of justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion (JEDI) as the guiding force behind these efforts.

The Active Healthy Kids Global Alliance stands as a collaborative network comprising researchers, health professionals, and stakeholders united in their mission to propel physical activity initiatives for children and youth worldwide. The alliance, established in 2014, emerged in the aftermath of the groundbreaking Global Summit on the Physical Activity of Children in Toronto, marking a pivotal moment in addressing the crucial need for global attention to this vital aspect of child and youth health.

Various members and participants within the IFAPA are actively engaged in collaborative initiatives aimed at enhancing the physical activity levels of children with disabilities. This collective dedication aligns with IFAPA’s overarching mission to foster health, well-being, and social inclusion for diverse populations through the lens of adapted physical activity and sports.