At the 2023 General Assembly, there are elections for the following IFAPA board positions

  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • NESAPA Chairperson(s)

Information about each nominee shall be submitted, for additional evaluation, to the Board of Directors at least 3 months prior to the election. In other words, 21st March 2023. If you are interested in making a nomination or if you wish to nominate yourself for one of these positions (or if you have questions about these positions), please contact the IFAPA secretary: Dwan Bridges.

One purpose of this screening is to assure that the slate of nominees is diverse, especially with regard to including qualified individuals with impairments, activity limitations, and participation restrictions in physical activity.


The main duties of the Secretary are:

  1. give notice of all meetings of the Federation, regional organizations, and committees. Solicit and maintain written records of their activities;
  2. conduct correspondence, maintain records and communicate on behalf of IFAPA;
  3. keep an up-dated list of members of the Federation;
  4. notify officers and members of their election and organizers selected to hold ISAPAs;
  5. prepare, under direction of the Board of Directors, reports on transactions and conditions of the Federation;

The Secretary is elected in the same year as the Treasurer. The office is held for a two biennia (four year) term. The Secretary is eligible for re-election to a second term of four years.


  1. The Treasurer keeps accounts of the money received and expended for use of the Federation and makes disbursements only upon vouchers approved in writing by the President and another member of the EC. Separate accounts shall be maintained for the separate purposes of (a) general IFAPA functioning and (b) use of the Elly D. Friedmann Award and the Young Professional Awards monies. Donors specified a separate account as a condition of each category of awards.
  2. The Treasurer deposits all sums received in an approved bank(s) or trust company(ies). Funds may be drawn only upon signature of the Treasurer. Quarterly, the Treasurer provides the President with the list of all sums received and expended.
  3. The Treasurer makes a report at the General Assembly, meetings of the Board, or when called upon by the President.
  4. The Board of Directors shall supervise funds, books, and vouchers in the Treasurer’s hands at all times. At expiration of the term of office, the Treasurer shall deliver over to the successor all books, money, and other property, or in absence of a Treasurer-elect, to the President.
  5. The Treasurer shall, if required by the Board of Directors, give to the Federation such security for faithful discharge to their duties as the Board may direct

The Treasurer is elected in the same year as the Secretary. The office is held for a two biennia (four year) term. The Treasurer is eligible for re-election to a second term of four years.

NESAPA Chairperson(s)

The New Emerging Scholars of Adapted Physical Activity (NESAPA) Chairperson is elected by IFAPA members at the ISAPA Business meeting (or electronically at some time around ISAPA) for a two-year term and is eligible for reappointment,

  1. The NESAPA Chairperson is the primary contact for services provided to ECN members and for submitting news about these students, early career professionals, teachers, including recognition of their various achievements to IFAPA media,
  2. Primary responsibilities are to encourage IFAPA membership among students (bachelor, master, PhD), APA&APE teachers, early year professionals in adapted physical activity and related fields in universities throughout the world and to represent the views and concerns of NESAPA members to the Board.

Specific responsibilities include;

  1. with support of regional representatives, contact chairpersons of universities that offer APA preparation in every region of the world and request their assistance in dissemination of information about NESAPA memberships and in encouragement of individual and group NESAPA memberships and participation, including participation in conferences, International Volunteer Program.
  2. provide information, 1-2x per year on NESAPA members and demographics to the Vice Presidents for inclusion in the IFAPA professional and research database.
  3. develop a NESAPA directory and update it at least annually. Assure that this directory is electronically accessible and is disseminated periodically to members. Use this directory to keep NESAPA members aware of benefits and opportunities offered by IFAPA.
  4. appoint or otherwise involve NESAPA IFAPA members in activities and projects developed specifically for early career individuals.