New Emerging Scholars of Adapted Physical Activity (NESAPA) is organizing an online event with the goal of generating a space for conversations about experiences with applying/landing a Postdoc, regarding research activity, lifestyles, and recommendations during this process. In a one-hour Zoom session, different current and past Postdocs will share their experiences.

The event will take place live on Monday, January 30th, 2023, from 11:00 am-12:00 pm EST.

In this live session, you will get an opportunity to ask your questions directly to the expert panel & participate.

  • Dr. Kwok Ng, University of Limerick, Ireland, University of Turku & University of Eastern Finland, Finland & Vice President of IFAPA
  • Dr. Alexandra Stribing, Kean University, USA & NESAPA Chair
  • Dr. Nicole Kirk, University of Georgia, USA & Former Student Representative. to IFAPA Board
  • Dr. Ryan Hulteen, Louisiana State University, USA,
  • Dr. Emily Munn, University of South Carolina, USA

Video recording of the event is below

Listen to the podcast through the What’s new in APE podcast