A change in members of the IFAPA board took place at the 2021 General assembly.

There were two electable positions; President Elect and Vice Presidents. Moreover, some regional representatives changed. The positions were filled as follows

President Elect: Dr Cindy Sit

Vice Presidents: Dr Cathy McKay & Dr Kwok Ng

African Regional Representative: Dr. Peter Bukhala, Kenya

European Regional Representative: Dr Piritta Asunta & Dr Alba Roldan

Middle East Regional Representative: Dr Omar Hindawi

North America, Oceania, and South America representatives did not change at this general assembly.

For a list of the IFAPA board, visit the page on the website – https://ifapa.net/ifapa-board-2021-2023

Following the changes to the By-laws, the term of the Past-President is only 2 years. As such, Dr Martin Block’s position of Past President ended in 2021. A special thank you for his service on the board.